Love in Davos

Tadija Janičić

30 / 5 - 1 / 7 / 2019

In the series of paintings presented at the exhibition, Tadija Janicic takes his well-known protagonist, Karolina, to the snow-white setting of the popular world jet set’s ski resort Davos, famous for being a location where the traditional World Economic Forum takes place. Karolina embodies the ideal of the commercial and consumerist culture, which sees the female body’s “function” and role only as a sexual object, which is, in case of her life as a female painting protagonist, trying to become a subject as well! In an unfortunate interaction with the prize stag, a verbatim representative of a social class, she is usually the one who “gets the worst of it”.

For a decade and a half, with his unusual plots and well thought out narration, Tadija has acted as a chronicler who deals with the suppressed or overstated urges and drives of today’s people, as Nebojsa Milenkovic – an art historian and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad – explains in the text of the exhibition catalog.