World Beyond The Picture

Radoš Antonijević

30 / 5 - 1 / 7 / 2019

Exhibition of drawings, sculptures and art installations by Radoš Antonijević, named World Beyond the Picture will be presented in Novembar Gallery from 12th September till 7th November.

What makes this exhibition of artworks special is the fact that, for the first time in his career, the artist is presenting his drawings to the audience. Exhibited artworks are presenting a kind of fragmentary resume of an artistic continuum through different media and enabling a multilayered analysis of his complex artistic opus. Furthermore,  the exhibition is showing his desire to experiment and reach wider possibilities of understanding and presenting specific topics. Since 2000s, Radoš Antonijević has researched the complexity of sculpture as the medium in contemporary art, questioning in his artworks issues of materiality, as well as the usage and perception of objects and forms from his surroundings. Those objects are always connected to personal experience, and they are shown through historical, cultural and socio-political narratives. The new artworks show the subtle change of narrative and artistic manner but also the change in the treatment of ideas, objects and pictures connected to consumer culture. Artist contextualizes objects, giving them new meanings, that often come out spontaneously from the  interreaction among objects where new meaning is created with authentic testimony about the objects.

With this exhibition, the artist brings out his personal statement about the aesthetic domination of objects and pictures in the consumerist culture of today’s society. As a form of resistance to their “sweetened” forms and content, he offers “bitter” artistic comment on the doctrine of Western civilization that is lead by consumerism. His artworks are creating a web of questions and responses about social reality, mass production, and consumption, as well as collective and personal memory. Space, form, and object, with their symbolic values, and the artist’s conceptual approach create his individual mythologies, “plays with a taste of myth” as Levy-Stross would say when describing the existential purpose of life, which is also the essence of Antonijević’s poetics.

From the Exhibition Catalogue – mr Mišela Blanuša