gallery about

Gallery Novembar is a contemporary art gallery which offers innovative, high‐quality art produced by established, emerging as well as newly discovered artists coming from Serbia and the Balkan Region.

The gallery is set up as a vital platform for critical thinking across different art media, disciplines, cultures and contexts. Using art and its presentation as a tool for analysis, we constantly try to contribute to the production of new knowledge and create opportunities for learning for the benefit of staff, consumers, wider community and investors.
The goal of this multidimensional venture is to allow interested art lovers and collectors to expand their knowledge about contemporary art, to define preferences and to support them in building coherent collections.

The Gallery Novembar aims to highlight cultural, artistic as well as financial aspects of the contemporary visual art, trying at the same time to enhance better art market in Serbia and the Region.

Gallery programme for the current year is focused on the problem of emigration of artists from Serbia and the Region to the countries of more developed culture. In this respect the Gallery is looking towards Serbian and regional artistic Diaspora, and emerging artists disseminated across the globe. Many of them have lost the contact with the local scene and do not know how to approach it, while achieving notable results and building respectable careers abroad. The Gallery will serve as a connector and intermediary, inviting those artists to exhibit and reconnect with their homeland by putting them in direct contact with local collectors and art lovers.