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November is a gallery of contemporary art that exhibits and sells works by contemporary artists, those already established on the local and international art scene, as well as a younger generation of artists whose works the audience is just getting to know. The gallery organises exhibitions of contemporary artists from Serbia and the region, but also Serbian artists who have been living and working abroad for some time. Through its exhibition activities, Novembar Gallery wants to enable the networking of artists with critics, the public and collectors, thus encouraging critical reflection and the revaluation of art.

Besides artists who have already developed mature styles and careers, Novembar also supports young artists and curators, something that is in par with the Gallery founder’s vision to have it serve as a platform where young people who have just set out in their careers are offered an opportunity to establish their names on the art scene and are offered support in their future work.

The Gallery also operates as a meeting point for the reciprocation of opinions. By engaging in exhibitions, through visits and by offering feedback, the expert audience expresses its opinion to contemporary artists, and often by entering direct dialogue, the participants of the gallery art scene experience the space as a place for the exchange of ideas.

Finally, Novembar aims to satisfy certain needs of the audience and customers with an already formed taste, and on the other, to enhance the visibility of young artists and the evaluation of contemporary art on the market. The Gallery informs collectors about current art trends and the meaning of artworks, connects them with artists and offers advice in forming a coherent art collection.

Ana Simona Zelenović, Curator