Anastasija Pavić

Anastasija Pavić (Beograd, 1998) is a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, at the Department for New Media, and her mentor is Professor Zoran Todorović. She has exhibited at numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. She had a solo show „New Body“ in Belgrade Youth Center in 2021. In her artistic practice, Pavić tackles contemporary social issues such as post-cyber feminism, consumerism, interpersonal relationships, and the impact of the Internet on society. She finds her artistic expression through the mediums of performance, photography, collage, and drawing.

Selected exhibitions:

2022. Under Your Gaze, group show, U10, Belgrade
2022. Babygirl, solo exhibition at KC Dorćol
2022. NEW BODY, solo exhibition at SKC Kragujevac
2022. A(r)tlantida, Novembar Gallery, Belgrade
2021. In corpore sano, Novembar Gallery, Belgrade
2021. NEW BODY, solo exhibition at Belgrade Youth Centre
2021. ARTikulacije II, Women’s Prison-Hotel Sloboda, National Museum Pancevo
2020. Studio106LA, BEO AIR awarness project, online exhibition
2020. Ars Electronica. ART Gallery online section of the festival
2020 KIBLA “Group exhibition / K +” Maribor, Slovenia,
2020. KCB “InFLUenca”, Podroom Gallery, Belgrade
2019. What will happen next?, Heartefact fund, Belgrade
2019. Don’t stare so romantically, U10, Belgrade
2019. ULUS Annual Spring Exhibition “Where does the future begin?”, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade
2019. Hard Pressed, Magacin Kraljevića Marka, Belgrade
2019 “C-19-quarantine works”, Flu Gallery, Belgrade
2018. Leaving the safe regime, Goethe Institute, Belgrade
2018. Crowd in the city, KC Grad, Belgrade