Mario Kolarić

Mario Kolaric, a visual artist, was born in Belgrade and grew up in Osijek. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2010. A member of the Croatian Association of Artists since 2010. He works in the field of drawings, objects and installations, creating an abstract narrative through simple visual elements. So far he has had several solo and group exhibitions in the Balkans and Europe. He is currently living and working in Belgrade.

Mario Kolarić (b. 1984)

2010. MA degree in printing and painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb (Croatia)
Member of HDLU since 2010
2018. MMML studio, Osijek (Croatia)
2016. 39th Jalovik Art Colony, Jalovik, Serbia
Solo exhibitions:
2019. Inscriptions, gallery Karas, Zagreb (Croatia)
2018. … and so on into infinity, gallery Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade (Serbia)
2017. Flickering, gallery KC Grad, Belgrade (Serbia)
2016. Vista, Greta Gallery, Zagreb (Croatia)
2015. Orbis Terrarum, U10 art space, Belgrade (Serbia)
2012. Home, gallery Galerica, Makarska (Croatia)
2011. Objectivity, gallery ParisConcret, Paris, (France)
Group exhibitions:

2019. Hidden Heritage, Golubac fortress, Golubac (Serbia)
2018. 9th Belgrade Encounters, Centre For Graphic Art and Visual Researches,
Belgrade (Serbia)
2016. 39th Jalovik Colony, gallery Zoran Simić, Jalovik (Serbia)
2016. Remont – Case study, gallery Actopolis, Belgrade (Serbia)
2015. U10 at Kolarac Take Over, Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade (Serbia)
2015. 24. Slavonian Biennale – selection, The Brodsko Posavlje Museum, Slavonski
Brod (Croatia)
2014. 24. Slavonian Biennale, Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek (Croatia)
2014. MUU, old military hospital, Zagreb (Croatia)
2012. Contemporary Croatian Artists, Ernst and Young, Den Haag (Netherlands)
2012. Artists’ Book on Tour, UPM, Prague (Czech Republic)
2012. Artists’ Book on Tour, MGLC, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2011. Artists’ Book on Tour, MAK Museum, Vienna (Austria)
2010. 45. Zagreb Salon, HDLU, Zagreb (Croatia)
2008. Transfer of magic, gallery Forum, Zagreb (Croatia)