On Big Little Man And Little Big Worries

Marko Crnobrnja

5 / 6 - 22 / 7 / 2019

Marko Crnobrnja, born in 1978, graduated from sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade 2005 in the class of Prof. Mrdjan Bajic. Since 2017 he has worked as an Art Associate at the Faculty of Applied Art in Belgrade.

During the last fifteen years he has been signifying all major events and periods of his life, and his presence in contemporary art scene is a consequence of his artistic and narrative expression. Many of his works were created in search for the right answer to coming of age, and are today part of private collections and museums. Thanks to the Vujicic collection, all his works were somehow gathered ‘under one roof’, neatly sorted in a monograph titled: “On Big Little Man and Little Big Worries”, by Gordana Stanišić.

”Marko Crnobrnja’s sculpture is a utilitarian means of upbringing, as well as an autonomous artistic expression, a meeting point of two practices/two strategies (artistic and parental), but also a methodologically developed system of significations and signifying. It is spatially adaptable being a functional ambient of its own – whether it is a part of a studio or an apartment, a museum, gallery, or private collections, open urban or rural (non-gallery) spaces, all except sculpture can and need not be abstracted.”