Artist Talk

Slavica Obradović & Vladimir Miladinović


As part of the accompanying program of the current exhibition Superposition of Schrödinger’s Cat, on Wednesday, June 12 Novembar gallery held an Artist Talk with the authors of the exhibition, visual artists Slavica Obradović and Vladimir Miladinović. In a conversation led by gallery curator Mia David, the artists introduced their works to the audience, which they are presenting for the first time in Novembar gallery.

At the beginning of the conversation, curator David used the opportunity to thank the artists for their participation and shared her observations related to their work. The interlocutors agreed that the proposed collaboration surprised them at first, but they witnessed that despite the differences in their creativity, in the end they “clicked” and achieved the desired dialogue.

In her work, Slavica Obradović considers interpersonal relationships and the issue of identity. The works of this artist contain hidden symbols, codes, which suggest the relationship and differences between people, genders, women and men. Nevertheless, Slavica used the opportunity to distance her work from everyday life: “The topic of identity in my work is completely separated from the real world.”

On the other hand, by showing media headlines in the era of “post-truth”, Vladimir Miladinović in a way proves that in the real world truth has become a relative category. Although the exhibited works, the Screenshots series, were created by observing virtual sources, Miladinović emphasized the importance of research, visiting archives and the reading process. The artist emphasized that in his work the process of creation itself takes precedence over the final content and that with the change of the archive, the content of the artwork also changes.

The conversation ended with a guided tour by the exhibition’s authors, Slavica Obradović and Vladimir Miladinović.