19/01 - 05/03

It is our great pleasure to invite on 19.1.2023. at 6 p.m. for the opening of the Adrienn Ujhazi exhibition, called Coexistence, at the Novembar gallery.

The Novembar gallery will exhibit Biophilia and Memento, the new series of works by this young artist who works in bio art. She explores the interdisciplinary territory between art, science and technology shedding light on affinities between man and nature. The mediums of Ujhazi’s artistic expression are diverse – from installation, live sculptures, paintings, to photographs and videos. The works show both the process of working with laboratory-grown materials and the constantly changing results of artistic research. As curator Aleksandra Lazar stated in the exhibition catalog:

The process of bio art utilized by Adrienn Újhazi is an attempt to overcome the unproductive dichotomy between immaterial concepts and material media, seeing both as tactics of linking within a larger social-medial field: the ways of establishing connections between organisms, researching the life continuum of humans and nonhumans, in perpetual processes of emergence.

The audience will be able to see the exhibition Coexistence until 5 March 2023 in Novembar gallery, at Kursulina 22, Belgrade.