Emilija Radojičić

23/01 - 29/02/2020

…The title of the exhibition “Curiosa” does not necessarily illustrate curiosity as an artistic driving force for further exploration into the subconscious and self-realization; it rather addresses the collective unconscious that lies beneath the veil of the imaginable. Curiosity in this context can be compared to Philosophy, whose foundations rest on the desire to discover what goes beyond our current understanding of the world. Like the “Kunstkammer” (transl. Cabinet of Wonder) in which science and art, the ancient and modern, reality and fiction are woven in, this exhibition manages to float between consciousness and intuition. “Curiosa”represents a comprehensive participatory experience of relational aesthetics whose pulse can only be felt if we fully indulge in our senses.

Nikoleta Marković, from the text of the Catalogue