Summer Vibes

Svetlana Žrdnja (SR) / Marijana Ćurčić (SR) / Dea Cvetković (SR) / Marta Badurina (HR) / Làszlò Antal (SR/HU) / Marina Milanović (SR) / Stefan Lukić (SR)

25 / 7 - 8 / 9 / 2019

November Gallery is, for the second year in a row, running the exhibition Summer
Vibes, whose concept is to give the audience an insight into the breezier side of
art. Replete with theories, political engagement and everlasting pressure to convey
socially substantial messages, artists, more often than not, find their escapism in the
exploration of form, documentation of spiritual or physical atmosphere, in humor
and irony. This year’s show displays personal impressions of the artists, giving us the
opportunity to see in what way such as everyday life, as an inspiration, actually provides
a whole spectrum of possibilities of visual expression.
The title is literally illustrated by Svetlana Ždrnja’s gentle drawings, whose
experimenting with material effects of linear forms creates the impression of soft
flickering. Bringing together everyday life and art has, as a heritage of the avant-garde and, even more, neo avant-garde art, changed the very approach to the artistic
shaping of form and helped everyday objects to swiftly become fragments used in
the creation of artwork. We find this aesthetic credo in Marijana Ćurčić’s works, who
uses sugar and candies dyed in pink for her installations, thus making a humorous
remark on our obsession with sweets. Aestheticization of everyday life through art
has even more intensely become part of our habits, by the rise of Instagram as a
platform for both sharing our daily life and creative visual expression. Dea Cvetković’s
photographs, created as Instagram posts, witness its influence on the process of an
art piece creation. Instagram frames our perception of everyday life and, at the same
time, motivates us to aestheticize what surrounds us, therefore, our life as well.
Massive data flow and fast-paced life are also factors affecting our “collage-like”
perception of reality. Marta Badurina’s collages show how contemporary collage is
distinguished by its sketch-like character, diary-like notes on current impressions,
and also humor and irony of the titles and “quotes”. The same can be said about the
collages by Làszlò Antal who makes a collage a day compiling, in this way, his visual
diary. This diary-like character is also found in Marina Milanović’s work who, when
traveling, makes abstract visual notes in her notebook, which illustrate both her inner
states and reflections on different topoi. Travels are also an obsession and recurring
theme of the painter Stefan Lukić, who attempts to paint the very feeling of traveling,
relocating, movement and time flow.