Summer Vibes: Summertimes Sadness

15/06 - 13/08

Dear friends of Novembar Gallery,

We are delighted to invite you to the inauguration of our yearly summer exhibition, Summertime Vibes: Summertime Sadness, at the Novembar Gallery. The opening is scheduled for Thursday, June 15, at 6 p.m.

This year’s summer exhibition features a diverse selection of artistic mediums, from oil paintings and installations to sculptures and drawings. Our goal is to immerse you in an exploration of how contemporary artists interpret and express our exhibition’s theme.

Join us in the opportunity to appreciate the works of acclaimed artists: Jelena Pantelić, Lidija Delić, Luka Jandrišek, Marija Avramović, Sonja Lundin, Živana Mijailović, Jovan Matić, Lana Vasiljević, Katarina Jovičić, and Gorana Bačevac. Their artworks underscore the universal sentiment that we all experience pain, and that grief is not a linear process but fluctuates like ocean waves. Some works are intended to reflect on our individual strategies for coping with sadness, while others subtly suggest the presence of hope within this emotion. Others, still, underline the poignant truth that sadness is an inextricable element of summer, love, and joy. After all, what has captured, and at times, romanticized, the nuances of this complex and universal human experience better than art?

Immerse yourself in the exquisite palette of melancholy and experience the reflective and sentimental aspects of summer. The exhibition will remain open for the next two months, concluding on August 13.

See you at Novembar!