Winter Highlights

2 / 12 - 9 / 1 / 2022

The group exhibition Winter Highlighs, is an opportunity for Novembar to remind audiences about the artists it promotes and whose exhibitions have already been staged or await realization in the gallery space. We will be guiding visitors through a reflection of the unique selection of artworks, values upheld by Novembar, as well as the current themes and styles of a vibrant art scene.

Among the selected works we present the works of artist Ana Milenković whose solo exhibition opened the gallery, a painting by Selena Vicković whose works we keep going back to, the brilliant drawings of Mario Kolarić and Emilia Radojičić, Milija Čpajak’s new sculptures, art objects by Brankica Žilović-Šoven, watercolors by Olivera Parlić, Dunja Đolović’s collages, the drawings and paintings of Aleksandra Branković, and a collage by Vladimir Lalić, whose new works will be on show at the start of 2022.

Through a selection of works that illustrate different styles, approaches, media and techniques, we will show the interests of artists today. This assembled group exhibition will reveal the way art provides answers to particular social or personal dilemmas, what new questions it raises and the new directions towards which our artists aspire. The exhibition also aims to make available to audiences of varying financial means the possibility of purchasing works of art and to encourage the evaluation and acquisition of contemporary art.

Welcome to Winter Highlights! See you in Novembar in December!