No Pills, Just Pillows

Milena Milosavljević

02 / 09 - 17 / 10 / 2021

The No Pills, Just Pillows solo exhibition of works by Milena Milosavljević will be on view at Novembar Gallery from September 2nd until October 17th 2021.

Besides 40 KG STORIES previously displayed at Novembar as part of the group exhibition Desiring Machines, audiences will be able to see new works by artist Milena Milosavljević created in the past year. Works are in different media spanning from concrete sculptures, across drawings and objects in space to video-performance. Different themes are brought together by the artist’s focus on the frailty of feelings, investigation of the relationship between spiritual and material reality and diving into symbols as communication channels we use in everyday life.

As art historian Ana Knežević observes in her review of the No Pills, Just Pillows exhibition:

There is something sinister in that modern-day sign, the smiley, as ‘add-on to the soul’ screen communication that unravels in a flash and silence. Something dark and eerie, alike the tweet observation that ‘all of the passive-aggression of this world fits into this smiley’ à 🙂 It is precisely this uneasy position of being in touch now, but “remotely” that is explored by Milena Milosavljević. Whether dealing with concrete, 40 KG STORIES, or metallic John Doe, this artist confronts us with these emotional attachments – trailers – we constantly add to messages and various other media. […] This is a stylization and reduction of this emoji of dread that holds an extreme level of materiality and imperfection, which emphasizes uniqueness and authenticity, which is not easy to iterate and shift. Thusly abstracted, the ‘smiley within the scream’ is knocked out and due to its own porosity leaves the impression of anxious swaying, trembling and being stuck in an uncomfortable position and scream.  (From the No Pills, Just Pillows exhibition catalogue, 2021)

No Pills, Just Pillows opens  September 2nd 2021, at 7 pm, Novembar Gallery, 22, Kursulina Street


Welcome & enjoy!