Dream of lava or: being taken for granite

27.04.2023 - 11.06.2023

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the exhibition opening on Thursday, 27.4. at 18h. The exhibition Dream of lava or: being taken for granite, is a solo show of the artistic duo, Xenoangel, visual artist Marija Avramović, and programmer Sam Twidale who work together since 2017. The artworks of Marija Avramović are already known to the audience of Novembar gallery of their azure blue swimming pools and plants. The collaborative artworks of Marija and Sam are presented in our gallery in 2018 for the first time when they had a solo show Shady Laguna Resort.

At the exhibition Dream of lava or: being taken for granite, the duo will present new series of watercolors by Marija Avramović and a collaborative video work made with Sam Twidale. Xenoangel creates a whole new world, ecosystems that accept the coexistence of species, instead of the exploitation of nature and animals by humans.

The volcanoes are already erupting all around, floods enter our yards, all types of plants and animals are already out of human control, and the wilderness of unrestrained nature inflicts its laws upon us. And precisely in this human state of amazement and confusion, of being caught in a web of the outcomes of our own actions, there lies the sublimated character of these landscapes. With watercolours and especially their digital works, Marija and Sam suggest that the present, like the future, depends on the ability of people to learn to coexist, both amongst each other and alongside other species.

(From the exhibition catalogue)

Welcome to the exhibition, Dream of lava or: being taken for granite by the artistic duo Xenoangel, which will be on show in Novembar gallery from 27.4. till 11.6.2023.